Safety Concerns of Buying Inexpensive Generic Laptop Batteries

Posted on March 22, 2012 · Posted in General

Are Generic Laptop Batteries safe to buy? Safety has always been an issue for li-ion. The electrolyte used in all current Li-Ion batteries is very fragile and prone to chain reactions resulting in fires and in rare cases explosions. Care should be taken if you’re considering buying inexpensive generic laptop battery. Most cheap laptop batteries do not use UL1642 certified cells because these good quality cells alone cost manufactures 20-40 dollars for just for 6 of them. Then there is the cost of the rest of the pack! The cheaper a laptop battery gets the more you should be suspicious of quality. So if you are eyeing that 20-40 dollar laptop battery, just know that cheap comes with trade offs and it will likely fall short in safety, performance, and service life when compared to OEM or our Max Capacity brand.

The more expensive UL1642 rated cells have designs that incorporate lessons learned from previous design failures. One of the more noteworthy case studies over the years is the overheating problem that caused a Dell laptop to burst into flames at a conference in Osaka, Japan, back in in June 2006. A video of the incident appeared on the Internet and resulted in Dell recalling about 4 million batteries. It was one of the largest consumer electronics recalls in history, and it was not the only time a problem like this has happened.

What Caused the Problem?

All of the batteries were produced by Sony, and the majority were contaminated with metal particles that triggered a short circuit causing the electrolyte to burst into flames! A handful of responsible manufacturing decided to upgrade their facilities and manufacture future Li-Ion cells in a “Clean Room” environment to reduce the risk of impurities getting into the electrolyte.

Manufacturing Li-Ion cell in a clean room reduces safety risks but does significantly increases costs. This is one of the reasons why the cost of Max Capacity and other OEM laptop batteries tend to be a little more expensive. If you’re looking to save some money on your next laptop battery, buy from a reputable brand with safety in its DNA, buy from us!

When you buy a Max Capacity laptop replacement battery, you are buying a battery that has been designed to be best in-terms of both safety and capacity!