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Maximizing your Laptop Battery Power when Unplugged.

The biggest factor effecting how long your battery charge will last is the power “hungriness” of your laptop’s hardware. Higher performance generally means higher power consumption. Those who have gaming laptops and struggle to get 85 minutes of run-time know exactly what we mean.

Here are a few tips that will extend the run-time of any laptop battery.

    • Select a “power plan” for your laptop that slows your CPU down when running on battery power.
    • Lower the brightness of you screen. Yes, turning down your screen brightness while running on battery power does make a difference.
    • Reduce the amount of applications running in the background. All those applications require CPU power and sometimes cause a lot of disk drive activity via memory swap to your hard drive. If you don’t need them shut them down.
    • Turn off WiFi if it is not needed.