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Can I upgrade a 4400mah battery to 5200mah or 5800mah?. 4400mAh vs 5200mAh vs 5800mAh

I have been asked a few times if its OK to use higher mAh rated batteries in your laptop. The answer is yes, mAh only refers to power capacity and how many milliamps the laptop battery can deliver per hour. The more important compatibility measurement is the voltage it supplies. As long as the voltage is close it should work.

Most laptop battery makers advertise their batteries power capacity in terms of 4400, 5200, 5600 or 5800 mAh.  The basic idea is that 5800 mAh battery pack will allow your laptop to run longer than a battery with a 4400 mAh rating. Generally speaking this is true, but it is not the whole story.

Lets say your laptop need 20 watts of energy to run per hour.  A  battery pack that stores 60 WH (watt hours) will provide you 3 hours of run time. So where does mAh fit in to this equation then?

Answer: millamps(mAh)  x voltage (V) = watt hours (WH)

Example 1: 4400 mAh x 11.1 V = 48.8 WH   also  4400 mAh @ 10.8 = 47.5 WH

Example 2: 5200 mAh x 11.1 V = 57.7 WH   also  5200 mAh @ 10.8 = 56.1 WH

The take away here is that not all 6 cell  or 9 cell laptop batteries will power you laptop for the same amount of time.

So if you want your laptop to run the longest we would suggest that you buy either our Max Capacity 6 or 9 cell packs. Our Max Capacity 6 cell packs deliver 5800 mAh / 62.6 WH and our 9 cell have a capacity 8700 mAh / 93.9 WH. 

Max Capacity is a Premium laptop battery brand that is dedicated to only using the highest capacity cells available period. No one will out last us and we will always be on the leading edge of technology.

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