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Advanced NNP Technology from Panasonic.

Max Capacity laptop batteries use advanced NNP Technology from Panasonic to Run and Last Longer!

Our Max Capacity laptop batteries are designed to provide value while exceeding both in capacity and cycle life performance. In fact, our high capacity laptop batteries far exceed most OEM laptop batteries! At the heart of our laptop batteries is the advanced nickel-based positive electrode which enables very high capacities to be achieved. In addition, advanced NNP technology from Panasonic helps prevent negative electrode deforming with repeated charging. This enables our batteries to be lighter in weight and achieve some of the the highest capacities in the market. Added to this is high cycle stability (a.k.a.Long Product Life) and excellent charging behavior as well as outstanding storage capability thanks to very low self-discharge. All of this this results in excellent overall performance over the whole lifecycle of our laptop batteries. Advanced NNP technologies from Panasonic enable our laptop batteries to last much longer than cheaper replacement and factory brand name batteries.

Typical Li–on replacement batteries only last about 350 full charges before needing another replacement. Max Capacity laptop batteries can achieve 500 full charging cycles or more and still maintain very good performance!

Panasonic NNP Batteries are used in all Max Capacity battery products