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About Us. Why our Clients love to work with us.

Max Capacity makes the Best Laptop Batteries Possible

What We’re About

Our goal is produce the best performing laptop batteries consumers can buy. While competing brands strive to produce the cheapest laptop battery possible, we chose a different direction. Our ultra-high end battery products focus on selecting the best and highest quality components manufactured.  

Ethical Engineering.

We do not believe in lighter and cheaper, we believe in better and stronger! We understand the dangers that Li-ion laptop batteries can pose and are alarmed at the flood of inferior quality batteries making their way into the market.  As more and more inferior Li-ion cells flood the market, consumers need to be on the look out for batteries that contain reconditioned parts or Li-ion cells that do not implement adequate fire safety feature. Parts like used battery cells, used power management circuity, or generic cells that do not meet UL1642 safety certification.  Generally speaking, if the price is too good to be true then one should be skeptical.  We are a US based company that focuses on delivering ultra high quality battery products to our customers. In the end, you want to buy from a brand that you can trust, and Max Capacity is such a brand.  

Custom Business Solution.

We can design replacement laptop batteries for business that have special needs or wish to lower total cost of ownership via better quality and increased service life.

  • We can reduce your cost of replacement laptop batteries by increasing the service life of the batteries your employees use.
  • Provided high value employees that travel on the road with a laptop battery that packs as much power as they do!
  • We can design laptop battery solutions for service technicians that cannot afford to run out of power.